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Preventative Maintenance Program

American Services now offers a Comfort Service Agreement to residential and commercial clients, and it can keep your system running efficiently and reliably. During peak hot and cold seasons, air conditioning and heating systems are placed under extreme stress, and regular maintenance is the only way to keep that stress from doing damage. A preventative maintenance agreement is like getting your HVAC system a checkup and a tune-up.

Here’s what you can expect from our Comfort Service Agreement:

  • Emergency service priority – Even a well-maintained air conditioner will sometimes experience mechanical, electrical or refrigerant issues. When it does happen, our Comfort Service clients are placed at the front of the line, so their emergencies are dealt with first. Few things are worse than losing your air conditioner during the hot and muggy Houston summer, but with a Comfort Service Agreement, you won’t have to wait long to start cooling off.
  • Savings on maintenance – Our Comfort Service clients receive a 10 percent discount on any air conditioning, heating or electrical work. Our HVAC technicians and electricians are licensed and certified, and with a Comfort Service Agreement, you can get quality work done for less.
  • Seasonal checkups – Every Comfort Service Agreement comes with a fall and spring Precision Tune-up. You don’t need to remember to schedule your appointments, either, because we’ll call to set them up for you. Both the Fall and Spring appointments are covered when you become a Comfort Service member. That’s one fee for two tune-ups.

Why should home and business owners consider a preventative maintenance service agreement for their HVAC system?

The comfort of those inside the building depends on the air conditioner, and given the expense involved in purchasing a new system, it is risky to put off HVAC maintenance. Consider everything American Services will check during one of our Precision Tune-ups:

  • Refrigerant level and pressure
  • Condenser coils
  • Bearings and bearing lubrication
  • Fan motor
  • Fan, disconnect box and electrical systems
  • Electrical contacts
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Drain flushing and cleaning
  • Ductwork inspections and cleaning

This isn’t a complete list, but it illustrates just how much maintenance an air conditioner needs. Our technicians will ensure all of the above are in optimal working order, so the primary benefit of a service agreement is peace of mind. As a Comfort Service member, you’ll know that your air conditioner is being checked and maintained on a regular basis.

That’s not the only reason to consider a Comfort Service Agreement. Some others include:

• Improved efficiency – According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), 27 percent of energy expended by Houston households is spent by the air conditioner. That means any gains in efficiency can make a big impact on the budget.

Regular maintenance keeps your system running at peak efficiency. There are many spots in an HVAC system where treated air or refrigerant may leak, and fixing those will ensure your system isn’t leaking money as a result. These leaks typically go undetected for a long time, and may not be noticeable until your energy bill starts climbing. A maintenance agreement ensures you’re being proactive about your system’s efficiency.

• Extend your HVAC system’s life – A new air conditioner will cost several thousand dollars, while a service agreement and tune-up will cost a fraction of that. It makes financial sense to choose a service agreement as regular maintenance will extend an air conditioner’s life. This can be years in some cases, saving thousands in the long run.

Many potentially system-harming issues can be spotted long before they do damage to the unit. American Services will ensure potential issues are corrected.

• Fewer repairs, more savings – Maintenance is almost always less expensive than a repair, and regular maintenance means your system will not need to be repaired as often. A Comfort Service Agreement could pay for itself many times over by reducing the need for an emergency repair.

• Protect your system’s warranty – Air conditioner warranties usually last for 10 years, but like any warranty, there are conditions that HVAC owners must follow. In almost every case, an air conditioner warranty is only valid if the system is properly maintained, so a service agreement protects you from emergencies in more than one way.

• Responsive service during off-peak periods – Unsurprisingly, most home and business owners wait until their system is experiencing a problem before they call a professional. This tends to happen during the peak of summer, when air conditioners are pushed hard. It’s tough to get responsive service during peak summer months, but during the spring, it’s much easier to fit air conditioner maintenance into your schedule.

HVAC systems are complex, and they are trusted to reliably provide comfort around the clock. American Services’ Comfort Service Agreement ensures your air conditioner will receive the preventative maintenance it needs to keep running with maximum efficiency and reliability.


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