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Benefits of Filtration Systems, and Should We Do Anything Different Amid Quarantine?

Can air filters help during quarantine?

You air conditioner’s filters are responsible for keeping the air inside your home as clean as possible. They do this by removing particles from the air, including microscopic particles that are only microns in size. This constant filtering reduces the number of airborne particles in the home, so even if your family is stuck inside due to quarantine, they can still get fresh air. Read more

What Do The Changes For Freon Mean To Homeowners?

Will air conditioners no longer be allowed to use Freon soon?

In accordance with EPA regulations, Freon will no longer be produced or imported into the U.S. starting in 2020. Freon, also known as HCFC-22, is a refrigerant, so it’s responsible for capturing and moving heat outside the home. It’s an essential part of how air conditioners work.

Although Freon will no longer be produced or purchased by the U.S., homeowners can still operate their air conditioners if they use Freon. However, retrofitting or replacing the air conditioner may be necessary once Freon is no longer readily available. Read more

What Should Be Included In A Spring AC Maintenance Check

AC Unit Checkup

When is the best time to schedule an AC maintenance check?

The best time for AC maintenance is the springtime. The weather is warm enough to make maintenance easier to manage, but not so warm that the air conditioner is under a heavy workload. For many homeowners, the springtime is also home maintenance season, and an AC maintenance check should be on the list.

The reason is that when summer arrives, your air conditioner will be pushed much harder. If there are any underlying issues, no matter how minor, they can cause your system to fail when the weather gets hot. This is why HVAC professionals are busiest during the summer. If you wait for summer to get your air conditioner checked, it may be difficult to secure an appointment in a timely manner. Read more

What Are Air Conditioner SEER Ratings?

SEER ratings stand for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and they are a single-number metric for determining an air conditioner’s operational efficiency. SEER ratings are calculated by comparing an air conditioner’s cooling output and its energy usage. In short, the less energy an air conditioner needs to produce one unit of cooling, the higher its SEER rating. Higher ratings mean better efficiency.

Specifically, SEER ratings look at how many watt-hours an air conditioner needs to output one British Thermal Unit (BTU) of cooling. There’s a lot of math involved, which is why the industry has reduced it down to a single number. Read more


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