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What Are The Best Central Air Conditioner Brands

Why Your Air Conditioner’s Brand Matters

A new air conditioner costs several thousand dollars, so it’s an investment worth considering carefully. That means considering both the AC’s brand and the installer you’ll hire to set it up.

There are a handful of air conditioner manufacturers that maintain an excellent reputation, including some who are primarily known for their AC technology. Among these brands, there isn’t a major difference in component quality or feature set, but that doesn’t mean all brands are the same. For instance, every brand has their own post-sale support, and the quality of this support can vary. Choosing a brand that offers strong customer support is a primary objective.

What Are Some of The Best Central Air Conditioner Brands?

Several AC brands are respected for their reliability, and these brands tend to have long histories in the industry. Some of those brands include:

American Standard

American Standard has been around for nearly a century and got its start as a radiator and plumbing company. Its air conditioners offer SEER ratings up to 22 (higher numbers mean more efficiency), and its most efficient line is the Platinum line. American Standard’s Platinum models are built with AccuComfort technology, which is the manufacturer’s version of a variable-speed air conditioner. Variable-speed ACs are an improvement over single or dual stage systems because they can vary their capacity to a much more precise degree. This ensures you get the cooling you need, and no more, which saves energy.


Goodman regularly receives high marks for its component quality and consumer-friendly warranties. The manufacturer also has a presence in the Houston area, as its largest manufacturing, research and corporate facility is in Waller. The facility spans more than 4 million square feet, so a significant part of its logistical chain is nearby.

Goodman’s air conditioners range up to 19 SEER and some are available with dual-stage compressor technology (65 percent and 100 percent capacities). In addition to this energy-saving addition, Goodman includes its ComfortBridge control system with its higher end models. With ComfortBridge, you can control the system remotely, as long as you have an internet connection.


Carrier is another respected name in air conditioners and is one of the oldest, with roots dating back to 1915. The company got its start as an HVAC business, so it knows HVAC technology. As for its technology, Carrier has some of the most efficient air conditioners in the industry, including a 26 SEER model built with Carrier’s Greenspeed Intelligence.

Greenspeed is Carrier’s top technology package, and it comes with a few features. Those features include a variable-speed compressor (25 percent to 100 percent capacity) and advanced humidity control, which can remove up to 400 percent more humidity than comparable models. Further, Greenspeed-enabled models run much more quietly, producing up to 50 percent less noise than other high-end air conditioners.


Daikin is Japan’s version of Carrier or American Standard, as it has been in business since the early 20th century. The manufacturer has experience in several markets other than HVAC technology, including the refrigerant industry. This experience is particularly helpful because air conditioners require refrigerant to function, and Daikin’s R-32 is the most advanced refrigerant in the industry. What makes it so advanced is its superior heat conducting, which cuts energy usage by about 10 percent. R-32 is also safer for the environment, so it fits into a green mindset.

Daikin’s most efficient model is its variable-speed, 23 SEER system. To ensure it runs quietly, Daikin includes an acoustically engineered sound control blanket with the compressor.


Lennox may be the oldest company on this list as it was founded in 1895. The brand’s founder, Dave Lennox, contributed meaningfully to heating and cooling technology, and that trend continues today inside the company.

Lennox’s air conditioners can achieve a SEER rating up to 26, but unlike most other manufacturers, Lennox can package its air conditioners in a larger system. The Ultimate Comfort System includes the air conditioner, a furnace, an air handler, an air purifier, a zoning control system and a smart thermostat. Together, these components can tightly maintain perfect temperature and humidity, and allow for precise, remote control.

Why Your Choice in HVAC Technician Also Matters

While your air conditioner’s brand matters, there is more to consider when selecting a system. Your choice in HVAC installer is another important decision because the system’s performance and lifespan depend greatly on a quality installation.

HVAC installers should be licensed, insured, and experienced in air conditioner installation. Some installers only provide products from a single manufacturer, and this can limit the buyer’s options. It’s recommended that homeowners select an installer who can handle a variety of HVAC brands. A reputable installer will also stand behind their work and offer an ongoing service contract, so your new system will provide the full 10-15 years of expected performance.

There are dozens of air conditioners on the market to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with any of the above brands. Each one has a history of offering reliable technology, strong customer service and impressive value.


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