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You’ll need an expert for any residential electrical work

Residential electrical work is some of the most complicated and dangerous work there is, and it should only be trusted to a licensed, reputable electrician. Whether a new panel needs to be installed or recessed lighting is being added, the electrician should guarantee their work.

When is an electrician needed?

If electricity is involved, homeowners shouldn’t be. There are serious, potentially life-threatening risks involved with electrical work, and professionals dedicate much of their education to controlling and avoiding those risks. In short, hire a licensed and experienced residential electrical expert to manage the job.

That said, it isn’t always easy to tell when an electrician is needed. As most of the home’s wiring is out of sight, homeowners may not know there’s a problem until it becomes obvious. Some of the more obvious signs include:

  • Lights flickering on and off.
  • Lights dimming for no apparent reason.
  • Electrical outlets or light switch plates are hot to the touch.
  • A breaker keeps tripping.
  • An electrical outlet has gone dead.
  • An appliance, outlet or breaker panel is throwing sparks.
  • There’s a strange odor coming from an outlet.

These are just some of the signs that electrical repairs are needed. Although some of these issues may seem minor and easy to put off, keep in mind that the underlying issues could be potentially serious. It’s best to respond immediately to any emerging electrical issues.

What services can a residential electrical expert provide?

Reputable electricians can provide a variety of services, including:

Installing new outlets or switches – Residential electrical experts are often tasked with placing a ground-fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI. A GFCI outlet is built with a circuit breaker that acts extremely quickly, which is useful for environments where water is present. Should the GFCI outlet come in contact with water, power is instantly shut off to the outlet, preventing electrical shock.

Current electrical codes require at least one GFCI outlet in kitchens and bathrooms, though older homes may not have them. An electrician can remedy this potential safety issue.

Installing a new electrical panel – Residential electrical panels are responsible for relaying power to every part of the home, making them the system’s focal point. However, when older appliances are replaced, the panel may not have the capability to deliver adequate power. The panel must be replaced in this instance and doing so is a highly complex job.

Install new lighting, including outdoor lighting – Residential electrical work often centers around new and replacement lighting. While homeowners can easily replace a burned-out light bulb, if new fixtures are to be installed, a residential electrical expert should do it.

In older homes, new wiring or insulation may be required to accommodate new lighting. Outdoor lighting is another area of expertise for electricians, as outdoor lights must be weather-rated and properly grounded. A residential electrical expert can select and install outdoor fixtures to ensure both are present. If dusk to dawn lighting is needed for home security, an electrician can provide the proper fixtures and sensors to coordinate the system.

Complicated indoor lighting, like chandeliers, track lighting and under-counter lighting, are also best handled by an electrician.

Surge protection – A surge occurs suddenly and can ruin electrical components, including appliances and computers. Surge protection is something electricians can rapidly install.

If the job involves electricity, an electrician should handle it, which means there are many jobs that electricians can perform on top of these services. For instance, a master electrician can design electrical systems for the entire properly, map them out and supervise installation. No matter how involved or simple the job appears to be, a residential electrical expert is the person to call.

What to look for in a residential electrical expert

Given the challenges involved with the job, electricians must be thoroughly trained and experienced in their craft. Poor electrical work is not just a threat to the electrician, it can leave a fire or shock hazard that could harm the family. As such, homeowners should know what to prioritize when looking for an electrician.

Fortunately, every state has extensive licensing requirements in place to ensure a level of quality from its electricians. Every residential electrical expert starts as an apprentice, but if they want to progress to journeyman or master status, they must meet those licensing requirements. In Texas, this is what they look like:

Journeyman electrician

To become a journeyman electrician, an apprentice must pass all relevant examinations and attain at least 8,000 hours of training while on the job and while under supervision from a master electrician. Journeyman electricians are experts that can do nearly everything, including wiring a home, performing repairs or replacing electrical components. Journeyman electricians can generally perform their job duties without supervision, though they may work under a master electrician.

Master electrician

A master electrician may own or manages a shop and may bid for large scale projects. They can perform every electrician-related task, including designing new systems for new construction, which is something journeyman electricians are not allowed to do.

To attain master status, the electrician must pass additional, more difficult examinations. Further, they must maintain their journeyman license for at least two years and acquire at least 12,000 hours of additional on-the-job training under a master electrician.

In addition to licensing and training, electrical contractors must be able to show proof of insurance, and in Texas, the minimum business liability is $600,000 total, for property damage and injury. Don’t hire an electrician without proof of insurance. It’s also useful if the electrician can provide prior work references and photos. A telling sign of proper electrical work is that everything is done neatly. If the residential electrical expert’s work looks neat and clean, they are doing the job safely. Finally, verify that the electrician warranties their work.

When a light goes out, when an outlet goes dead or when new electrical components are needed, a residential electrician is the person to call. They are the go-to experts for everything electric in the home, and as long as you have a reputable professional on hand, they can get the job done safely and on time.


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