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What Is The Purpose Of An Evaporator Coil?

The evaporator coil is a major component in the refrigeration cycle, responsible for absorbing heat from a surrounding medium and cooling the air. This is the part of the air conditioner that most people think of first because it’s the part of the system that feels cold to the touch. It’s also the part of the system that ices over when there are issues with airflow, so the evaporator comes up a lot in HVAC conversations. Read more

When Is The Best Time To Buy A New AC Unit?

The best time to buy an air conditioner is during the “offseason,” or when the HVAC market is least active. In most cases, this means the spring or fall, when temperatures are milder. Read more

Safely Installing Security Cameras On The Exterior Of Your Home

Many home security cameras are designed for easy installation, and some don’t even need to be wired. While some homeowners may choose a wireless technology, it’s important to consider that wiring the cameras will ensure signal stability and higher quality videos. Read more

What Should Homeowners Do To Make Sure Their Heat Works?

Homeowners should have their heating system inspected at least once a year by an experienced technician, and ideally before it’s time to turn up the heat. In Houston, a cold night may seem like a refreshing change, but don’t wait until the winter to get a heater looked at. According to industry data, more than half of HVAC system repairs are required due to lack of maintenance. Get the system looked at before a repair is needed and it can save money and keep the system working when you need it most. Read more


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