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What Are Some Signs That It’s Time To Consider A New AC Unit

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Most residents of Houston already know that having an HVAC system go out in any season can feel catastrophic. But what if there was a way to spot some signs that it is time to consider a new AC unit before it actually goes out? It could mean the difference between managing a transfer to a new system in reasonable comfort and waiting for a repairman in a home that is hotter than it is outside.

Factors That Can Determine The Life Of An Air Conditioning Unit

The life of an air conditioning unit can depend on several key factors, such as:


Depending on the quality of the air conditioner, many units may last an average of fifteen years. However, after the first ten years or so it is not uncommon for these systems to start to lose efficiency.


If a homeowner relies on one air conditioning unit to cool a rather large home, it could cause the system to work harder than it is designed to, which can shorten the life of the system.


Most air conditioning systems come in low end models, middle range models, and high end models. While purchasing a high-end model does not guarantee a longer life for the system, choosing a quality system (regardless of cost) can.

Most HVAC companies recommend that homeowners have their AC units checked out once a year in the spring before using it regularly. After a thorough examination of the unit, a technician should be able to diagnose the age, condition, and quality of the current air conditioning system.

What Are Some Signs That It Is Time To Consider A New AC Unit?

While not all homeowners are able to catch the warning signs of an AC unit that could be failing, by taking note of the below areas they may be able to spot a problem before a system gives out:


Homeowners that find their energy bills suddenly going up may want to take a closer look at their air conditioning system. Older systems typically do not work as efficiently, and in Houston where temperatures can be hot the majority of the year, this can affect monthly energy costs.

Frequent Repairs

With regular use over the span of several years, it is not unheard of for specific parts in an air conditioning system to simply wear out. Some small and infrequent repairs often make sense but making multiple repairs on a consistent basis could be a signal of the end of your system.


If an air conditioning system is leaving increased traces of humidity it can be hard on the unit and wear on the parts, both of which can contribute to the decline of a system.

Warmer Air Circulation

Even when it is hot outside, a properly working air conditioning unit should be pumping cool air into the home in a matter of minutes. If the system is taking longer than that to circulate cool air or if the air is circulating but not cool, it could be a sign that the AC unit is beginning to show signs of failing.

A Word About Houston Summers

If you are new to Houston, it is worth mentioning that spring, summer, and fall can be hot and humid. It is fairly typical for our city to start topping out at ninety degrees during May and continue that trend through September or October. It is not unusual to hit the one hundred degree mark several times during the summer.

Due to the high levels of heat and humidity we often experience in Houston, it is crucial to have air conditioning units checked annually each spring to keep them running properly and effectively.

Things To Look For In A Residential Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioning in Houston is big business, but it is important for customers to do their homework and choose a reputable company that they can depend on. Some key things to look for in a Houston HVAC service may include:


Choose a company that has experience in both years serving the community and in licensed and trained technicians.

Business Hours

Air conditioners take no note of the day of the week when they go out, so choose a company that is available seven days a week.

Emergency Services

A house without air conditioning in summer can quickly become unbearable, making a company that offers around the clock emergency services a must.

Preventative Services

Ensure the air conditioning service you choose offers preventative maintenance to help extend the life of the AC unit.

Modern Technology

As our world becomes increasingly digital, many of our household systems are too. Look for a company that is well versed in the latest technology for home automation.

If you would like to have your air conditioning unit checked or receive information about a new installation, please consider making an appointment with American Services today.


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